Position of A&M Pallets in the Industry Today

Posted by A & M Pallets on Aug 7th 2017

The Significance of Pallets in Industry:

Pallets take the role of the cells of the body for many industries. The industries that have a lot of heavy duty workload to be carried within and from the infrastructure depend on pallets a lot. These small magic boards through its design and matrix can carry the heaviest of the burdens without damaging the item to be picked and placed.

The Role of A&M Pallets:
Now let us be clear. Who are we and what do we offer? We A&M Pallets are the manufacturers and suppliers of pallets in the Houston area specifically. However our pallets are used nationally and in various states for the premium quality we offer and the additional benefits which eventually reduce costs and a degree of inconvenience for our valued customers. Some of our core competencies are:

  • Timely addressing the needs of your industry and supplying the pallets as per requirements.
  • Quality of wood used meets all standards of robustness and sturdiness.
  • Picking up the unused pallets from the location to minimize space management for clients.
  • Recycling of the pallets at our location, proving an environmentally friendly social behavior.
  • The packaging is simple and recyclable.
  • Our team delivers monitors and manages the pallets assembly and placement when requested.

The Recognition and Team of A&M Pallets:
The ethos of A&M Pallet drives on teamwork, quality and customer satisfaction. The interlink amongst the three has what proved a competitive advantage for A&M Pallets. Today we have organizations who visit our facility to learn the management, manufacturing, operations, sales and recycling procedures. It is this recognition which has earned us a definite pride in the industry.

It is our esteemed promise to our clients that disappointment is one thing that they mustn’t and couldn’t expect from us!

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