A&M Pallets Maintaining a Motivated Workforce:

Posted by A & M Pallets on Aug 7th 2017

A&M Pallets recognized for superior quality and service has a variety of satisfied stakeholders. The company doesn’t at all restrict itself only to its consumers, clients, suppliers or other business contacts. However we at A&M Pallets believe in providing a conducive, learning and growing environment for our employees first.

It is a firm belief at A&M Pallets that an organization’s prosperity and success is dependent in house. If the people in the organization are kept motivated and happy, the output definitely shall speak of its strength of the people and procedures. We at A&M Pallets have a series of programs and creative incentives which we use especially to cater to our team well.

One of which is creative uses of unused pallets. We have an in house ongoing program where our creative minds come up with different uses to recycling palletsto ensure the most creative ways in which the pallets could be reused. Many tables, chairs, decoration items and gardens have been furnished using the unused pallets.

The above program is a great source of motivation for our employees to get out there and show their skills which adds color to the pallet making mechanical process. The paints and competition of designing the most creative item from a certain number of unused pallets creates an environment of zeal and happiness.

Many templates and pictures of these are created and displayed for the management to review and award prizes for the different categories every year. We at A&M Pallets create a corporate social environment considering not only the environmental and global element but also the most important human element. We believe that people are the corner stone for the survival and flourish of any business and to keep them happy and prosperous means a thriving upbeat business and its market.

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