About Us




A & M is Family owned and operated Houston Pallet Company, we’re one of the fastest growing company in the industry. We’ve been a trusted and valued leader in the wholesale pallet industry for a long time. We provide quick and reliable daily service to Houston, TX. A&M Pallets has the expertise, knowledge, and contacts to handle your pallet needs. Whether you’re one of our Fortune 500 customers, a small local business or anything in-between. Outsource your pallet management to us, and we will handle all the details. We will fully comply with your needs.


You no longer need to worry about your supply and having enough useable skids on hand. When you work with A & M, the process is streamlined and allows you to focus on the more critical issues with running your company.


Your company’s needs are our top priority and we guarantee that we can deliver the pallets you need on time, so that you will never need to worry about lost production time. When you purchase your pallets from A&M Pallets in Houston, you know you are getting the best in both quality and service.

Our success is built on great relationships with our customers. Let’s get to know each other….

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